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Everything is energy. Life, situations Рeven people give off energy, albeit negative or positive. Without going into the science of it, we all know when an atmosphere [or energy] can be either vibrant or past its used by date. Everything has its ending and its beginning, and the time in between.

I went to my local country agricultural/horticultural show today. I’ve been going there for more than 20 years, on and off. Firstly, when my children were toddlers and in middle school, less so now they are in their teenage years and prefer computers and x-box, or hanging out with friends, as opposed to visiting the country show with mum.

As they grew, I did try and still visit the country show each year, but the meagre carnival rides and wilting produce, along with the pampered pooches and ‘horsie’ people, didn’t quite compare to the radiance of seeing things through a child’s eyes. I stopped going, that was until today.

Off I went with a friend, with an aim to avoid the carnival part, and get interested in the produce section. We entered from the far gate and had to walk via the carnival. I caught the smells from my childhood in the piping hot Dagwood Dogs and the freshly cooked waffles ready to be filled with cream. I smelled the woodfired pizza stand and saw the gaiety of young toddlers in giant clear bubbles in a makeshift swimming pool, writhing in their plastic cocoons in excitement. The screams of teenagers on the giant arm that swung in an arc overhead brought a smile to my face.

This wasn’t so bad, after all. The centre ring was full of the animals and their people, happy competing for titles. And then there was the produce pavilion – everything from best cut herbs to giant pumpkins and the most sweetly smelling roses. On the other side of the pavilion it didn’t end, a Dutch pancake stand, wool, sheep, chickens, farmyard animals, the local Country Women’s Association ladies serving tea and scones.

I made for a wind chime stand and bought one, and briefly looked at the Bob Marley beanies – winter is coming up here. All in all, it was a wonderful day at the country show.

What I did notice was that there was an energy about this show that was different from previous years. The crowds were tremendous. I understand there are a few new show society committee members.

I believe that new energy and, importantly, intention was brought to the 2014 show, and it showed [pardon the pun]. I will go again next year because I would far prefer to be around something that is beginning than something that is ending.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Not everything has to end, but it does have to remain renewed, reinvented, energised. There’s no time for complacency or taking something for granted, is there?

My new book Belonging Places is out now on Amazon. It’s a story about three women at different stages of their lives, that have one thing in common – they are all forced into re-evaluating how they live their lives.