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The Hermit

Posted: March 30, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Looking back at the landscape that defined his moments in time,

he sits watching his show reel, in the darkened theatre of life.

He sees a continuum; of places, of faces, and of one life lived

in a series of memories crystallising in the now,


at once important…yet not.


Such passion, such youth, such painstaking thought, trying to analyse

the why’s and the how’s of life. Such delirium really, he thinks in hindsight.

He remembers a voice as hard as snow, and as fluid as the water in the stream


that runs down the mountain, like the climber descends the heights.


The hermit holds his lamp to light the dark, satisfied with his meagre possession,

content to walk slowly by himself, alone with only his memories.

Not analysing, not walking with the hope of interaction. The hermit searches

instead, within his own thoughts, gently holding the mirror high


so he can see what’s reflected.


The hermit quietly walks ahead, enough light for his slow steps.

It’s not his time to search for the fork in the road, but to be content with

his forward steps.


The mountain is not his to climb any more, but like the water he must find a path.