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Posted: August 12, 2018 in poetry, writing
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Today the magpies are singing

through the shards of ice outside.

The wind is rattling the door frames,

shouting, ‘I was always here’.

Inside the heater thrums, its warmth

dispersing, immersing, inside comfort.

Cold against warmth; warmth against cold.

Intellect versus heart.

Outside and the streets are cold.

A man addled by drink is turned away,

as the nearby heaters thrum,

and hearts are stones of ice.

Compassion thaws the heart

of a weary world, doesn’t it?


Water giver

Posted: June 25, 2018 in poetry, Uncategorized
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One day I remembered, what I was supposed to do.
I thought about the ground my feet had walked,
Across fields of green, and dust, and fire,
To the lake’s edge. To the water.

I walked beside a guide on my journey.
I didn’t look into his eyes; I feared that.
I remember he pointed to the water,
A million miles away, across an alien landscape,
Barren and destroyed by…I’m not sure.

I only knew I had to cross that wasteland,
With its dead trees and murky shadows,
To get to the water, for whatever his reason,
For pointing to it, as if I knew.

I remember now that water nourishes,
And quenches thirst. It carries things away,
Like words and thoughts, and experiences.
I crossed that barren land…like he said,
To find myself, and now to write these words.

Grey rain on the roof,

green breaks through, slightly swaying leaves, in time.

Softness, wetness; birds stay close to temporary homes.


Thoughts are a gentle hum,

faraway the iPhone clatters, reminding of electronic connections

but today there is respite in the natural world.


Conscious thoughts go to past time,

a yellow wattle tree outside a window on an old home.

Softness, wetness; grey rain on a tin roof.


Streaking windows,

droplets of feeling moving down the pane.

All is well, all is watched, silently from peace’s parapet.


As eternal as time.