Merry Christmas everyone

Posted: December 22, 2016 in Uncategorized

I’m writing to you today to wish you a very Merry Christmas and the best for 2017. I too have high hopes for the incoming year, after what can only be described as a couple of horrendous years battling, among other things, cancer and its long and hard treatment. My family has been battered and bruised with hard times since my diagnosis in 2015 but we are doing ok. Today, I’m doing ok and that’s what I really wanted to say. At the end of the day, there is enough faith and hope that we do overcome adversity, that it is there for a reason for what happens in our lives, and if we are very brave, we learn and grow from hard times.

I’ve learnt much over the last few years of turmoil and, really, chaos. I’ve learned to confront fear including having what I’d previously built my identity on – career and a kind of misguided Christian like faith of helping everyone else at the expense of myself – upended and challenged. I no longer build my identity on superficial status nor do I blindly rush in as the rescuer and the advocate, while ignoring my needs and the needs of my inner circle. I no longer look outward while ignoring what is going on within.

My perspective has altered beyond what I could have recognised a few years ago. I look for something deeper now and I find it in the simple things. In nature, in words, in love and sacrifice and generosity, and in deliberately focusing on finding meaning and purpose. I was told when I was 20 by a man, at the end of his life, that life is a tapestry, rich in its weaving; the threads interconnected and interconnecting, intricately forming the picture. Sometimes you couldn’t see why certain threads were running a certain way but, later, when you stepped back, you were able to see how they formed the tapestry and why they were so essential to the whole.

But we’re here to talk about Christmas and the new year. Right. I really hope the holidays are relaxing and special for you. For those going through hard times I just hope there are glimmers of hope you can see and that there might be faith that things will get better because always they do, one way or another, and in time. I wish everyone the very best for 2017. For me, I will be focusing on closing the door behind cancer with all the learnings it has provided me on nurturing and loving myself and treating myself gently and kindly; the way I hope to treat others. The other big ticket item for me is creativity. I’ll be writing at least another manuscript and finishing my last lot of tertiary studies. I’ll be working to extend that creativity to all parts of my life, in the home and in my relationships and in the way I listen to others, hopefully providing a space for their creativity and expression.

So from me to you – have a very merry Christmas, set those intentions for 2017 and deliberately steer the incoming year to unfold the way you hope. I look forward to sharing what I create in 2017 with you. Peace and goodwill,

Maryann 🙂


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