Hands over the eyes, I peeped between my fingers

Posted: December 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I’ve tried to find the reason why I enjoy writing in the horror genre. I’m still not sure really. It could be a rewind in time when my mother used to scare me with a story about a stranger walking up the garden path. It started with “Mary he’s at the front gate…Mary he’s walking up your garden path…Mary he’s at the front door…” And so it went until the stranger was at the foot of the bed. I’ll leave it to the imagination as to what may or may not occur next.

Of course there was no harm meant in this. She told it with an almost vaudevillian – certainly exaggerated – demeanour and at the end of the story she would grab me for extra affect. I remember oscillating between being wide eyed and holding my breath to absolutely, shrieking terrified. It was much the same as I grew up. I was scared of the dark and, simultaneously, captured by the scary stories my friends used to tell on a sleepover.

In adulthood, I began to read a horror and enjoyed the stories that were laced with mystery. The really good thrillers that left you wondering why something had occurred. I discovered Dean Koontz who writes suspense thrillers a few years back and then began to devour more and more Stephen King, falling in awe of his sheer ability to tell a story. This was also around the time the penny dropped – that the weird and impossible, and the sometimes dark and dysfunctional, do happen. Sometimes there’s a rhyme and reason, and if you’re clever you can pick it up and learn from it; other times difficult situations come seemingly out of the blue and whollup you in the face.Evil Imminent front small

Life is not all serendipitous, but then I guess you already knew that.

The other reason I think I like writing horror fiction is simply because you can take that imagination and let it sore to dark outer reaches. There can be doorways to less than heaven like places, or ghostly apparitions, or less than likeable Mermen. There can be star crossed lovers whose depth of commitment reaches between two worlds and alien beings who are not just ‘beaming’ you up into the Enterprise (the ship on Star Trek the science fiction series for anyone who doesn’t follow).

Other dimensions, twisted by life human beings and purple skies and black sunsets…it’s all within the horror writer’s grasp. It may be a niche market of sorts, but when was the last time you could explain absolutely everything that happened to you in your life? The non-linear is always a challenge don’t you think?

So aside from stories on imagination’s edge that are waiting to be told, the other reason I think I write in the horror and paranormal genre is to take my experiences and explore them, embellish and exaggerate them, and add a touch of the vaudevillian to them to, hopefully, entertain my readers and, in the process, myself.

I have a short story collection Evil Imminent that is due out in the next 24 hours or so. I was determined to have it out before Christmas, and I will have met that challenge even though ‘life’ has gotten in the way for a good part of this year. If you are anything like me, you love nothing better than relaxing with a book over the holidays. So, time to relax and kick back for a break. If you like the horror and paranormal genre and want to find out about my new release, you can visit my Facebook Page for details of when Evil Imminent goes on sale.

Happy holiday reading…


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