Second Chances

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized, writing
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It was on a dusty road, she remembered

the conversations of that time,

with loved ones long since passed.

Today she heard their voices,

recalling them like it was yesterday.


The dusty road was familiar,

as she dodged its well-worn grooves.

Too easy for her old relic of a car

to get caught and head into trees.

Who would save her she wondered?


The old gear box groaned

as she slowed the car. In

any case, she wanted the dust

to settle for the next driver,

who came down this dusty road.


Off guard, she caught sight of her boy,

in the rear vision of time.

His seven year old eyes familiar,

like the grooves and potholes in the road,

that lay all at once ahead, and behind.


She stopped, then, at the entrance

to her childhood home.

One of many she’d laid her head

to rest, against the passage of time.

One last trip she decided, down a dusty road.


She had called it right today she knew,

as she turned her car in and headed home.

Time was not the master, only her

decision to go back to where it began

and do her best to put it right this time.



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