Don’t spook the horses

Posted: October 18, 2014 in writing
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spookWithin the mind of a human is the capacity to remember fragments they’ve seen or heard in any one day and to take those fragments, whether it is in sleep, daydreaming or even conjuring dark imaginings, and put them together, much like a film in their head. Many of us think in pictures and it is these pictures that play in a loop inside our heads, that have the power to invoke our primordial fears. Fear can easily become neurotic. It is one of the most powerful feelings we can experience. That, and of course, love.

As children we were often told our fears aren’t real but believing that kindly parental practical-ism when you are sure there are moving shadows in your wardrobe, or gleaming eyes under your bed, is another thing. Fear. It’s a lifelong  journey isn’t it, with the ever-present question: is my fear real?

Yes and no.

That’s where the writer of horror, supernatural and the paranormal comes in. That’s where I come in and my upcoming series of short stories put together into an anthology ‘Evil Imminent’ (which really is coming to your Kindle soon!). Writers in this genre not only draw on your fears but they also examine their own. In every story, there is an element of truth. In the ghostly visitations, the ancient energetic imprint of an evil house, the inexplicable happenings in the dark of the night, there is always something unanswerable. Do we really feel these things? Did we really see that dark shape out of the corner of our eyes?

And then there is the real strangeness of life itself. Look closely and you will see the patterns of dysfunction that result in darkness and despair; the twisted and unhealthy relationships, the pushing of boundaries until there is nothing but a cliff edge in front. These are also fodder for the writer and the mosaic we weave and create, just as life’s sometimes psychedelic mural is created from our experiences.

To recognise the destruction that can result from dysfunction, to introduce something new and different and to move towards healthy consequences and conclusions is the challenge in life, as it is in storytelling. Sometimes, though, nothing is spared or saved and that is a reality, and a sadness, of life.

I hope you enjoy my upcoming horror/paranormal collection of short stories. I hope that when you look closely at the stories, you might be able to see the patterns and that this will cause you to be cautious. Caution is not a bad thing is it? It allows just a glimmer of control even if the night is dark and you are alone with your fears.

‘Evil Imminent’ will hopefully be out before Christmas. It would have been with you sooner but I’ve had my own dysfunctions to contend with.

In other news, I’ve just finished my new website. Head over to and visit.


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