Summer breeze makes me feel fine…

Posted: October 5, 2014 in writing
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Think of Australia and you think of beaches or perhaps the Outback, or Sydney Harbour Bridge…I could go on. I’m from an inland rural area so I particularly enjoy a beach holiday, heading north along the NSW coastline, with the prospect of swimming every day in that beautiful Pacific Ocean.

On holidays, I really chill and contemplate while being inspired by the present. I love to lie on the beach after a swim and dry off in the sun (sunscreen has been applied of course), and while I’m lying there letting my mind wander to the various beach scenes in front of me. The little boy who surfs the waves like a dolphin, the dad and his daughter sharing a good relationship, the nanna who is such an integral part of a nearby beach family. And my own children, strong and growing up, laughing and teasing me when I try and body surf…and get dumped.

This holiday we took our caravan, a little home away from home and put up the annex for extra room. It’s like glamorous camping really, but you are close to simple living and non-existent routines, which means most things are spontaneous and creative. And because you are all living so closely together for such an extended period (no computer games, no long phone calls with the best friend) it’s definitely quality family time.

This week there was time to laugh with, and at one another. There was time also for eyebrow raising and robust debate, but most of the minutes spent away were meaningful. That’s the thing about camping holidays, they draw you closer together as a family – no getting lost in 5 Star hotels, just simple things like walking through the bush together, or enjoying the sunset on the beach.

It’s these times that remind me of all the wasted time spent in working day routines, where long days, every day and sometimes on the weekend, take you away from family. The focus shifts to your latest work project, the difference of opinion with a co-worker, the stress of a deadline. At home you nod vaguely when someone says something, still replaying that conversation with a work colleague or boss. Such a waste of precious time really.

Today I reveled in a beautiful summer breeze (well Spring breeze really) – back from my beach holiday and trying to keep the faith. I shot some hoops with my son – the best to 10 – and I swung in the hammock. I helped cook the cheesecake and laughed at silly jokes. Right now, I never want to return to the mind-numbing routine of a 6 day working week that is about as family friendly as a work conference and the obligatory booze-up.

It’s the little things that bring the pleasure…and writing of course. On that subject I’m seriously planning and plotting my first horror/paranormal novel – not my first novel, but the first in this genre, and that’s really exciting. Now I just need a beach view and I’ll be set…


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