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Enough for us

Posted: July 31, 2014 in writing
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Take off your ego,

and sit at my table.


You’ll find food to eat,

and wine for merriment.


Without the need for

proof, and pain.


We’re similar, you and I,

but I took off my ego,

some time ago, when it

was too heavy to carry.


So sit at my table, relax,

put down your guard.

You have nothing to fear

in my nakedness.


And I in yours.



Posted: July 27, 2014 in writing

Part of the fun of releasing a new book is getting to give it away to a reader as a gift.

To go into the running for a copy of Dawn of the Shadowcasters, sign up to my e-newsletter – The Write Stuff – for a chance to win my new book Dawn of the Shadowcasters. To enter, visit my website. Giveaway closes on 11 August, when the winner will be notified via email.


Only light can drive back the darkness. Only Stevie Vegas can stop the Shadowcasters. It’s been a year since the 13-year-old skateboarder found out he was an Illuminator with special powers – the ability to read minds and make things happen. Then, he was forced to use his new powers to fight the Shadowcasters. Now they’ve turned up in his hometown wanting revenge, and it will take all his skills as an Illuminator and the help of his friends to beat them again.



When I was a child living on a farm, I used to walk on sheep trails

never knowing where they were going.


And in that wandering moment, the destination never mattered.

It was the path and where it headed, that always caught my curious eye.


Meandering trails cut through grass and reeds, like they were only meant for me.

And I found interest in the deviations and the landscapes – down gullies and up rocky inclines

– it seemed like a world in itself, for a child’s footsteps and an imagination

…that stretched to the horizon.


The herd always trod the same path, to water or to feed. I’m not sure why they did that,

but I guess it was safe for others to follow.


Sheep are not the bravest creatures, shying away from man’s touch. And it’s no wonder,

given they are bred for food and never live a long life.


But it struck me, as I walked those trails, that one sheep had to lead and make that path for others to follow.

One sheep among thousands, took a brave and curious step.


That’s the trailblazer. Half brave and half curious, to point their instinct towards the destination,

and with those footsteps taken, others will follow, towards  a place they need to go.


One step at a time based only on instinct. One trailblazer, and things change for the better, for the rest.

The greatest good and the sum of us. That’s the trailblazer, with the courage others haven’t got.




I must be honest today. I had good intentions of finishing my short story for my upcoming horror anthology but instead I slept in until 10am, and then shopped, and wasted some more time in front of the fire. I did manage to wake myself up enough to cook a stupendous dinner. And thank you to my partner for the apple and djon mustard sauce to go with the pork. All in all a great day, away from worry or care, and one that sparked thoughts of clearing the desk upstairs next weekend so I can set up my keyboards.

And get back to learning how to play them.

What has all this got to do with writing, I heard myself ask. Well, it shows the lack of time I generally have with a busy day job and long hours, and a family who draws me substantially into their lives still. On top of finding time to write, is the time to market my published novels. Many authors, like me, have embraced social media as a cost effective way to market indie books. Like me they have facebook, a blog, Google+ even, Pinterest perhaps, and of course Twitter.

Many an hour is spent on Twitter, tweeting promos for books. I know I do…tweet about my books but I have been thinking lately…wondering even, about the value of using Twitter to actually sell books. I think it’s a valuable platform for branding, but concrete sales? Perhaps a little, but definitely not a lot. And yet, it astounds me that I [and many others] rely so heavily on Twitter, tweeting around the clock. Why do we do it?

I’m not really sure. As I said it might get some sales, but its value is in branding and, like anything else, you can either do it right or you can overdo it. I’m beginning to acknowledge the value in taking a step back from constant marketing on social media generally, and in going back to quality time spent doing the thing that motivated me to go into indie publishing in the first place.

Writing. A blank page calling for inspiration. Penetrating the superficial, organizing thoughts, resuscitating them even, and punching through to creativity. Multiple epiphanies.

So, back to the laptop keyboard. Easing up on the tweet, tweet, tweet again. Back to my short story and complete the anthology. Now, that’s an idea that might just work.