Rainbows on my doorstep

Posted: June 25, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Wow. What a week, what a year…and it’s still not over. Such has been the pace and the things life has hurled (not tossed) my way over the past months, that I have begun wondering where all the magic has gone. Life’s smallest miracles that, in the scheme of things, are large guideposts to make sense out of the chaos, and finding beautiful_blue_butterfly_wallpaper-1024x640meaning.

Meaning – so important to understanding – is the epiphany we all hope for. It’s the thing that calms the mind and the heart, and crystallizes awareness. Without meaning, life is just a series of random events and we are inside the spin dryer on a long cycle.

I’ve always been open to the signs and signals the universe sends my way, when I’m not caught up with worry about tomorrow, that is. When I’m open, I get to really notice what I’m meant to see. It can be as simple as a butterfly – or several actually – that fly around, and sometimes in, my window. This morning it was the most perfect rainbow I’ve ever seen, right on my doorstep. (Thank God for rainbows because I was starting to think I would never see another one. But that’s just me being melodramatic of course).

And so, after seeing my perfect rainbow on my doorstep, I made a wish and called my partner to get him to do the same. I didn’t wish for a pot of gold because we all know that rainbows aren’t stationary, they move and you will never actually get to the end of a rainbow. I wished for something more humble but that would, nevertheless, make a huge difference.

The wish concerned family. The most important thing in my life. The meaning in the rainbow on my doorstep in all its vibrant glory, that I just couldn’t miss if I tried, was that things would be ok in the end.

I’m going to try and turn off the spin cycle for just a bit while I get back to basics, and that is to encourage joy and happiness…on my doorstep, to come inside.

  1. Excellent blog post, inspirational, made me stop and think thank you 🙂

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