The eyes have it

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Uncategorized
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fantastic-blue-eyes-1920x1080I was only thinking the other day about the honesty in the way we can exchange communication, with just a look. It doesn’t happen very often; mostly when we look people in the eyes we are only giving away a tip of ourselves, but sometimes our eyes can do the talking…and there’s no hiding what we say.

Communication doesn’t always have to be verbal. Exchanging glances in mutual understanding, a loving glance, ‘flashing [angry] eyes, or a look of disdain and disgust – all are quite powerful ways of communicating.

Our eyes, they say, are the window to the soul. I’m not sure about this, but I do know that eyes don’t, or can’t hide much. A body language expert will look at the eyes of a hardened criminal and can tell you when they are lying. A person who is not used to distorting the truth won’t be able to ‘look you in the eye’ while they are telling tale stories.

Such is the power of seeing what is in front of us, but more often than not, we shy away from letting others know what we are really feeling – and so we open up just a fraction.

But every now and then, there is total honesty during a conversation when we see what is really there, and that is acknowledged through an exchange of glances. Human beings are capable of great openness and transparency but we are also equally capable of closing off and giving nothing away.

Compare on any given day what it’s like to be open and transparent with your eyes and to return that openness when you find it in others, with withdrawn and closed communication. There are discoveries to be found in everyday living, no matter what the situation, but you won’t find anything if you’re not open to looking.




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