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Wow. What a week, what a year…and it’s still not over. Such has been the pace and the things life has hurled (not tossed) my way over the past months, that I have begun wondering where all the magic has gone. Life’s smallest miracles that, in the scheme of things, are large guideposts to make sense out of the chaos, and finding beautiful_blue_butterfly_wallpaper-1024x640meaning.

Meaning – so important to understanding – is the epiphany we all hope for. It’s the thing that calms the mind and the heart, and crystallizes awareness. Without meaning, life is just a series of random events and we are inside the spin dryer on a long cycle.

I’ve always been open to the signs and signals the universe sends my way, when I’m not caught up with worry about tomorrow, that is. When I’m open, I get to really notice what I’m meant to see. It can be as simple as a butterfly – or several actually – that fly around, and sometimes in, my window. This morning it was the most perfect rainbow I’ve ever seen, right on my doorstep. (Thank God for rainbows because I was starting to think I would never see another one. But that’s just me being melodramatic of course).

And so, after seeing my perfect rainbow on my doorstep, I made a wish and called my partner to get him to do the same. I didn’t wish for a pot of gold because we all know that rainbows aren’t stationary, they move and you will never actually get to the end of a rainbow. I wished for something more humble but that would, nevertheless, make a huge difference.

The wish concerned family. The most important thing in my life. The meaning in the rainbow on my doorstep in all its vibrant glory, that I just couldn’t miss if I tried, was that things would be ok in the end.

I’m going to try and turn off the spin cycle for just a bit while I get back to basics, and that is to encourage joy and happiness…on my doorstep, to come inside.


fantastic-blue-eyes-1920x1080I was only thinking the other day about the honesty in the way we can exchange communication, with just a look. It doesn’t happen very often; mostly when we look people in the eyes we are only giving away a tip of ourselves, but sometimes our eyes can do the talking…and there’s no hiding what we say.

Communication doesn’t always have to be verbal. Exchanging glances in mutual understanding, a loving glance, ‘flashing [angry] eyes, or a look of disdain and disgust – all are quite powerful ways of communicating.

Our eyes, they say, are the window to the soul. I’m not sure about this, but I do know that eyes don’t, or can’t hide much. A body language expert will look at the eyes of a hardened criminal and can tell you when they are lying. A person who is not used to distorting the truth won’t be able to ‘look you in the eye’ while they are telling tale stories.

Such is the power of seeing what is in front of us, but more often than not, we shy away from letting others know what we are really feeling – and so we open up just a fraction.

But every now and then, there is total honesty during a conversation when we see what is really there, and that is acknowledged through an exchange of glances. Human beings are capable of great openness and transparency but we are also equally capable of closing off and giving nothing away.

Compare on any given day what it’s like to be open and transparent with your eyes and to return that openness when you find it in others, with withdrawn and closed communication. There are discoveries to be found in everyday living, no matter what the situation, but you won’t find anything if you’re not open to looking.



I have long contemplated the nature of power, and why people so naturally and comfortably assume power over others. Power relationships are in everything we do; the way countries are governed, some workplaces run and they determine whether family relationships prosper, or wither.

What I call ‘blind’ power is the single most destructive force I have found in relationships, situations, politics and business. What I’ve found surprising, is that those who are blind with power will, inevitably, fall. And what a spectacular fall it is in the end.

All of us have grown up with the sayings that have found popularity in contemporary society. “You reap what you sow”, “Karma is real”, “Swings and roundabouts” and “Every dog has it’s day”. These sayings exist in modern thought because the people who use them and pass them on have witnessed the powerful fall from grace.

‘Grace’. An interesting word. We are all given power at some point in our lives and it is ‘grace’ that allows us to stay in this privileged position and not abuse power. But grace demands high standards. It demands that the powerful remain humble. But power by its nature is not prone to humility. Rather, it is prone to the intoxicating dance of the ego; and we all know what happens when ego makes the moves.

I was having a conversation with an old friend the other day about ‘blind’ power, and she asked me my opinion on something that was, what I considered, divisive and political. I replied that I had learned in my lifetime not to make snap, populist judgement, particularly when it came to taking one side over another. I quoted the Beatles song “All you need is love…” Since then, we have been emailing each other starting with that line…and having some fun, insightful exchanges with it.

But back to power. The right use of power is when people really listen and don’t take the naive and easy way out with a polarized opinion. It is true that everyone has an opinion. They are very common really. What is less true, is that everyone listens with humility.

Really, all you do need is love.

I hope that I’ve learned the right use of power in my lifetime – I certainly have experienced the ‘fall from grace’. But I picked myself up again, and I learned to hold power with extreme care, and to try my hardest to fill my heart, mind and soul with grace, grateful for my privileged, powerful position.

When in doubt about what abuse of power looks like, watch a bullfight and, as the crowds cheer for the blood of the bull, witness a matador being gored. I hope I’m never the matador. I hope to be humble, and I hope I do not make the pursuit of power over others a focus or goal, no matter what the justification might be.

Sun, melting, snow

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Isn’t it? That just when we think we are having fun

We know it’s not nearly enough.





Take me back to richness and experience

It was somehow real enough.





Can’t see beyond, but we know we have go there

‘Cause this place is numb.


Take me forward, not back.

Just so I know.

That sun melts snow

and rivers flow.


Maryann Weston