When hope is real

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Hope in the future, despite indomitable odds. That is the message I got from watching The Great Gatsby tonight – perhaps that was director Baz  Luhrmann’s take on Scott F Fitzgerald’s classic, or perhaps it’s what I heard tonight. On the many reads of the novel, I took away multiple messages; that Gatsby was better than those ‘born to rule’, and that people shine like brass in all their breathtaking superficiality. And that love reciprocated can be just as fickle and feeble, and as dishonest as Daisy’s ultimately was for Gatsby.

And yet, at the centre of it all, was Gatsby’s incredible will and sacrifice for Daisy and his blind hope in the future. Naive hope, is one interpretation, another is admirable and inspiring. For my part, I will come down on the side of hope and love, and our will to battle on against the current.

I have always believed in the future – in a rainbow – and in our ability to get to the end of it and find our ‘treasure’. Always willing to row against the current if needed, I have steered a course, often, to get to the end of that rainbow. Sometimes I have found gold and, sometimes, I have found brass. When I was younger and I uncovered superficiality and feebleness, I would be disappointed for months, perhaps years, but I always got back in that boat and rowed on, spurred on not by disappointment but by hope.

When I found gold it would fill me up, and my belief in life and love would make me joyous. As I’ve grown, I’ve learned that the outcome is not as important as the journey. I’ve learned too, not to waste time on journeys which will, no doubt, uncover brass. I’m a lot more discerning in my travels these days.

Tonight, Gatsby’s hope in his love for Daisy was a reminder of the strength, will and determination of love. It was enough.


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