Dark days indeed for Stevie Vegas

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My wonderful 13 year old hero Stevie Vegas is back in Dawn of the Shadowcasters, soon to be released by Lodestone Books in the UK – and for Stevie it is dark days indeed.

Dawn of the Shadowcasters is set the year after Stevie Vegas battles the Shadowcasters (demons), and finds out he’s an Illuminator (lightbringer). Stevie and his family have returned to their hometown, Valley Dale, to try and start a new life. Stevie is really battling with himself because he doesn’t want to accept his powers. He just wants to be like any other 13 year old.

But fate has a different destiny for Stevie because the Shadowcasters turn up in Valley Dale and things go from bad to worse. Not only does Stevie have to accept his abilities like mind reading and being able to ‘make’ things happen, he finds he is almost out flanked and outwitted as the Shadowcasters turn up on mass and begin to hunt him, and his family, djhp52dcea0a69eddown.

It is quite literally ‘always darkest before the dawn’ for Stevie. But to tell you more about the plot, would be to give it away, so you’ll have to wait until 31 May to get your copy.

One of the themes I enjoyed exploring in the book is the notion that there is much power to be harnessed in nature, if we know how. Through his mentor, Aunt Bessie, Stevie is taught how to ‘call’ to the wind, master it, and use its power against the Shadowcasters. The Illuminator or power stones are also a mighty source of power that will help Stevie and his family as the Shadowcasters draw perilously closer.

Skateboarding – movement and action – are also incorporated in Dawn of the Shadowcasters with Stevie making firm friends with a young marshal arts expert and a girl, Mary Lou Nova, who’s the fastest girl on two wheels – well she rides a motocross bike as well as any teenage boy. In fact, she gives Stevie, who is a champion skateboarder, a run for his money.

There are plenty of surprises in Dawn of the Shadowcasters. Stevie finds out things he didn’t know about his family, and his growing friendship with Mary Lou is more of a welcome surprise – so, set amidst the backdrop of demonic danger, Stevie takes his first tentative steps towards romance.

There are plenty of twists and turns in Dawn of the Shadowcasters and readers can expect the unexpected. But just as danger, mayhem and evil incarnate follow Stevie Vegas in equal measure, so too do the bonds of friendship, familial love and loyalty, and the pure light of magic.

How would I describe Dawn of the Shadowcasters? It perhaps sits in the genre of Fantasy/paranormal but also in action and adventure. There are certain spiritual aspects to this book too, as light battles dark: demons against lightbringers. And despite dark days for Stevie Vegas, there is always hope. Just as there is always hope when we battle adversity in real life.

The message is, hold onto hope no matter how dark the days and, above all, believe in yourself.

You can preorder Dawn of the Shadowcasters at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dawn-Shadowcasters-Stevie-Vegas-Chronicles/dp/1782794565

Or find out more about it via Lodestone Books: http://www.lodestonebooks.com/books/dawn-shadowcasters


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