It’s not all flowers and butterflies

Posted: April 25, 2014 in writing
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I love my blog. Not because it’s part of my author platform [though it helps], and not because it’s my work, but because it gives me a chance to write – say what’s on my mind and just put it out there. Whoever’s interested will read, those who aren’t, won’t.butterfly

That’s at once the selfishness of writing, and the brilliance of it. Life’s about communing, with like-minded people and also finding out that some people are like abrasive sandpaper – there isn’t any way you’ll get on. And that’s OK. We’re all in different places and spaces and humanity is as diverse as a planet and as similar as that grain of sand.

What I wanted to say today has to do with reality and why when it’s tempting to see what we want to see, that’s precisely the time to pull up and reflect. I think as humans we have a tendency to insulate ourselves from facing reality. No wonder, it can be sobering, painful, self-reflective and illusion shattering. However the consequences of pretending are at best naive and, at worst, damaging to others.

I had an experience this week where it became painfully obvious that there was far more than one side of the story. In fact, there were several. Those with the power in the situation had chosen to see one side and from that blindside, unfairness dominated. Events unfolded within rapid succession this week because I chose to see the situation from multiple sides and forced that viewpoint. I pushed others to see the way truth has always dimension and, consequently, the unfairness that had resulted from a ‘red-necked view’ had been committed as certainly as any crime or wrongdoing is inflicted on others.

Umm. I can hear you thinking what’s this got to do with books and writing? Writers bring to the table their understanding of life, their experiences, insights and observations. You’ll often hear a writer say that their creativity is both a blessing and a curse. It sometimes is because seeing and feeling intensely can be painful.

Ah, but the flipside to pain is joy. So perhaps those butterflies and flowers are there for a reason. Transformation is no simple thing.


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