Freebies, are they worth it?

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Everyone loves a good giveaway, something for free that they would normally have to pay for and that is of value to them. Every day, indie authors world over are giving away their writing for nothing. They do it to get better known, to boost the sales of their next book or simply because they have something to say they want people to read. The free read is a huge marketing tool, but has it worn out its welcome with readers, even if it is for free?evil_imminent_1_copy

Head over to Smashwords or peruse the list of Amazon’s Top 100 Free List and you’ll see no end to the books indie authors are giving away. Amazon’s Kindle Select built its once mighty monopoly on the benefit of Kindle Select to offer 5 days during an enrollment period when you can offer your ebook for free. Stories of tens of thousands of downloads in the early days of indie publishing guaranteed an author got known this way.

Well, we still do it. We still offer content for free and if you read most successful indie authors, they will tell you it is an effective way of getting known and of boosting sales of your next book, particularly if you are writing a series.

As a new indie author I found it initially painful to give my writing away for free, especially when you see the dollars going out in editing, graphic design and formatting services. And as a professional writer in my day job, there’s also time – my time at night away from my family is precious. However, as I discovered ways of doing things far more cost effectively, like learning to format myself or publishing ebooks only, it began to bother me less and less. What I did look forward to were the encouraging stats that told me readers were actually looking at my work.

But is it a valid marketing tool still? I guess for me as an indie author just starting out…I’ll tell you in a few more books time. By that I mean that there are millions of indie authors all swimming in the same sea and struggling with the number one problem: discoverability. If giving away a free book encourages readers to try your product, find they like it, and trust the quality you are producing, then all power to the freebie.

While I’m on the subject, a month or so ago I published the first story of my new horror anthology ‘Evil Imminent’ on this blog as a freebie. It attracted a good readership, and encouraged me to continue with my anthology. If you like horror and are a fan of the short read that won’t take too much of your time; that brings you full circle in a story quickly and leaves you nodding your head in understanding, and you like suspense and a bit of a shock, then Evil Imminent is for you. I’m hoping to launch it at the end of May 2014. Stay tuned. There might also be one more free read from the anthology in the coming weeks!

If you would like to contact me, head to the Contact Me tab on this blog, or leave a comment below. You’re always welcome.


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