Belonging Places – Free download, 25 March 2014

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Uncategorized


Belonging Places is now free to download on Amazon for one day only 25 March 2015.


As authors would be aware, part of the benefits of listing your book with Amazon Kindle Select is that you can schedule the occasional promotional sale. This can either be a discount on an ebook’s sale price or by offering your ebook for free (time limited). The logic is that by allowing people to download your book either for free or heavily discounted, will help ‘spread the word’ on your wonderful book and also encourage reviews.

This is all well and good if your product is good and worth the read. Well, I’m leading with confidence and, on the 25 March, offering my book Belonging Places for FREE for one day only. Please download it; you are very welcome to do this. And start to read it, and hopefully continue to read it. If you get to the end and you think it’s worthy of review, let me know by…

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