A winter’s tale

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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three-trees-greyIt is sweltering here in Australia as we battle the hot days that sap our energy and motivation. It’s enough just to shut the blinds, turn on the fans and hope for the cool of the evening. Not that I’m complaining. I know only too soon that a slight chill will overlay the days and our thoughts will turn to fires, hot food and keeping the cold off our bones.

One of the best past-times in winter is curling up with a good book, under the covers and trying to keep your hands protected from the cold. A good book is one of the things that blocks out the world and takes over your thoughts. It creates a mini world from within which to look out; it subverts reality and that is sometimes good and often desirable.

But it does much more than that. Reading is an internal process and as we follow the thoughts, feelings and journeys writers create from their own minds, it allows us to broaden our thinking beyond our immediate environment and reflect. And after all, reflection is the baseline from which we can alter our thinking and make choices about how we want to act and react. Often reflection will prompt a large scale turnaround as a decision is made to start living life in a different way.

As a child I recall always asking for books for Christmas. What bliss. I would open them up with pure joy and appreciation, anticipating the wonderful reading experiences in front of me over the coming days. I would immerse myself in the adventures of heroes and heroines and dream my far off dreams of what my life might be like when I grew up.

And those horizons were realised as I travelled over the world and lived a nomadic life before settling down with a partner and children. But wanderlust never quite leaves one, does it?

It is getting close to a time for more adventures off the beaten track. As I curl up when the cold eventually does come, I will read and reflect and wonder what horizons lie beyond my winter book, beyond the confines of my bedroom, and grey clouded horizon over the hill from my home.


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