Freedom is one of those words that says a lot and a little. You can say you want freedom, crave it even, but staring at the horizon and lamenting the ties that bind you to a particular situation or place, is really not going to cut it I’m afraid.

Real freedom comes from within. It’s when you can rise above whatever is dragging you down and find a calm and centred place from which to view the world and yourself. Reactions and emotions are the ball and chain that prevent feeling free. Anger, sadness, frustration…jealousy even, are the irons of self made prisons.

Rising above life’s petty frustrations is not always easy. Human nature is often drawn first to the melodramatic and insular and second to the unconditional, and almost always not to the present moment.

And then there is the freedom that is relative. We bemoan an old knee injury and then see someone in a wheelchair. We ought to feel grateful for our sore knee but, hey, we give the wheelchair-bound a two minute thought and move onto the latte that is on the table at our favourite coffee shop.

What I know about freedom is this. There is inner freedom that takes work to achieve but it’s worth it. It’s real, and if you practice discipline, can be long lasting. And then there is the freedom of new experiences. Swimming in the clearwater of an unknown stream, watching a ceremony or ritual that opens your mind to new cultures, walking barefoot on the grass of a park in an unknown city at 5.30am in the morning.

I try to remember that in every new sunrise there is a beginning. If you are anchored to a particular place or situation, then cultivating inner freedom may just result in seeing the sun rise with new eyes. And that’s freedom.

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