Belonging Places

Posted: December 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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She sat on the deserted swing, and looked at the hills beyond.

Skylines beckoned, faint hints of times to come,

writing their messages in a cloudy future;

that she would live one day, the unknowable place she belonged.


She swung back and forth and remembered the worn out saying;

swings and roundabouts. Her old friend whispered,

telling her to avoid a foot in a trap and swinging high,

losing her place, her face amid strangers, who were only playing,

after all.


With her head held high, strong stride, sidestepping old games,

she found her will to move forward,

out of the shadows and into the clear light.

Where she could see as she walked, and know her own name

perhaps for the first time.


She came to her belonging place then, and no-one could doubt

the tracks her journey left, visible like scars

that told the world, she’d gotten off the ride,

and would chart her own path now, belonging, not backing out

of the contract she made with herself.


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