Who are you old man?

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Uncategorized
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He never wanted to be close to

anyone, let alone her. A child, naive

in her searchings, for some far off

ideal he knew just wasn’t real.


But against his better judgement

he let his metal down, fortified steel

that kept his softness protected

against the jaggedness of life.


That cut like a knife,

lines in your flesh.


You wouldn’t have thought a bloke

like that  could be proud but he was,

grinning ear to ear on his wedding day,

and when his first son was born.


Over the years the grin faded and

lips turned down, he saw the world.

For a while there he was happy

and in the end, that mattered most.


But I remember in this time and space

who you are and what you were.

The passion, and yes the anger

against that steel  blade of life.


What were we, you and I?

Softness. Hardness and hope

for what was possible. An ideal

that bound us. Together.


And when there are no more words

and no more you, I will listen for

your voice on the wind. And then I too

will become the dust of dreams.


That carries hope in a gentle whisper.

~Maryann Weston



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