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Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A lot of things have crossed my radar this week, inspiring me to post a blog so rather than talk about one specific subject, here’s my week in review. Well, firstly I received my copy edited manuscript from Lodestone Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing.

I’ve never had an editor before – well, I’m trained as a newspaper and magazine editor, but not as a book editor. What a great experience having someone who is professional go through your manuscript. It reminded me of my early college days, where in a lecture a light would come on, an Ah Ha Moment when you got that much needed visual on what the problems or issues were. Eureka, as we say in Australia.

One of the things I am guilty of from time to time is ‘author intrusion’ – so the reader will have their head in the dialogue and the descriptions, getting right into the characters, and next thing my voice is right there in the mix. Being made aware of that by the editor, was good. And she didn’t correct it, but left it to me to rewrite. Wonderful. I’m learning.

Re-reading over Dawn of the Shadowcasters which will hopefully be out on Lodestone Books in the very near future, was a good experience and while it’s hard to be objective about your own work, it made me sit down and congratulate myself…just a bit (hubris is quite dangerous you know). The manuscript was written on weekends and in holidays, at a time when I was particularly busy with my day job/career – it’s a testament to the willpower of authors that they stick with the task, and perhaps an indication of the passion with which we go about achieving that task.

From novels to dogs. I am a self-confessed dog lover with the most adorable English Staffordshire you could wish for. We are thinking about fielding him in one of the Australian Rules Football sides because he is an avid football player, using his feet to ‘hold onto’ the ball and jumping in the air, like the best of the highflyers, to catch a football when it’s kicked in his direction. I reckon he would go alright at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on finals night.

And onto social media. Came across the debate this week on whether Google+ is better than Facebook. The evidence says no – it’ll take a bit longer to knock the Facebook juggernaut that blazed the path for social media, off it’s course, but I really believe all the platforms offer something valuable for authors. I’ve found that different ones suit me better than others. I love Twitter for it’s community, information and opportunity to express. I’ve only just joined Google+ and I find it interesting. I’m not a big fan of Facebook, but I know that’s where you’ve got to be to connect with readers, so I persevere. And I love to blog, on the weekends when I’ve got time.

Speaking of social media, I got a comment on a post about the importance of ‘being who you are’. The commentator pointed out it was often easier said than done. True enough, but it’s got to be at least an intention. I replied that it was always a goal that was right to strive for and that doing what makes you happy is a good place to start. Ummm. Intention + goal + choice = happiness. A most logical equation.

And on that note, I’ll end where I’m happiest – ready to do some more with my edited copy of Dawn of the Shadowcasters.

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