Laughing away obliviously…

Posted: September 13, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I had quite a pressurised few days to get through, on a national stage recently. It’s the kind of pressure that when something goes wrong it can be quite disastrous, and it stays with you for awhile. You can come away bruised and battered and regretting the way time unwound for you.

I spent a good deal of time mentally preparing for this major task, and did what I could professionally to make sure things went smoothly. In the pressure cooker that steamed away over 48 hours, I chose to remain calm and take every opportunity to have a laugh.

A young colleague of mine reminded me of the Charlie Chaplin quote that ‘a day without laughter is a day wasted’. It is quite true. Laughter relaxes and causes you to look at things differently. I kept thinking to myself: what is so grave that it needs to be taken that seriously. Once you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your ‘t’s’ professionally and satisfied yourself that you have done everything you can possibly do – the only place to go, is with the flow.

So I flowed along during my 48 hours in the pressure cooker. I laughed when I could and really listened to the new people I met. I marvelled at the situations I found myself in, like a dawn coming up over the Sydney Opera House at 5am, or a midnight walk through the streets of Sydney, or watching the lights glisten on the harbour against that beautiful sound of the ocean nearby.

I kept thinking to myself, if only we could navigate through every pressurized situation in life, to avoid the stressful mental and physical impacts that can sometimes result.

It helps to have no fear which in turn provokes a philosophical frame of mind. And it certainly helps to laugh a lot, when you can. That smile and lightness then becomes a gift to others.

There is not much of a line between being down and hard to be around, and giving the best of yourself. It’s a curved line, and it’s called a smile.



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