Where do writer’s get their fodder? The answer is quite simple: from life.

What could be stranger than fiction? Perhaps the real life character that looms large, with all their quirks, dramas and failings. And behind that, a story, always a story.

Writers get their inspiration and content from observation but also from experience. I am a keen observer of people and I try and join the dots without being intrusive, but also because it helps me understand the seemingly understandable. Sometimes I come up with an intuitive stroke of truth, other times I’m fallible and need to guess the story. Sometimes, I just get it a bit wrong.

But I get great enjoyment from the narratives I conduct in my mind, and bring to life in my writing. There is nothing more interesting than people. No two are ever the same, and that is joyful – that the uniqueness of people is a rich tapestry gives me faith that all is as it should be, and that’s a tremendous springboard for my words.

There is great sadness in life, of course. Human frailties, and human tragedies, inspirational strength, and weaknesses that make you want to shudder. And then there is the environment around us. Superficial at times, deep and full of meaning at others.

While life can rise up and punch you in the guts at times, it can also move you to tears with its meaning.

To capture this, is a gift – and at times a compulsion.

The one constant for me has always been writing. It has never deserted me, even in my most introspective of dark moments. It’s there like my reflection in the mirror – talking back and making sense of the, otherwise, insensible.

I have two milestones coming up with my novel writing before Christmas. I am re-publishing my first book for Young Adults – Shadowscape, The Stevie Vegas Chronicles – as an indie author (Whahoo!), and its sequel Dawn of the Shadowcasters is being published by John Hunt Publishing’s new YA imprint Lodestone Books.

I am also working on editing a novel I wrote some years ago. I am finally accepting that my calling is to write and the place for me to dwell is, for the most part, in creativity and self-expression. No excuses or detours. Time to write.


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