Oops, dropped the ball

Posted: August 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Sometimes rushing around and juggling multiple priorities is just not cool, let alone fun. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a juggler and, yeah, it’s been fun sometimes. There’s the full time job, and the kids, the study and the writing – all designed to fulfil the multitude of needs and goals within the complexity that is me. The thing is, I love to learn, and be involved, and gaze upon new horizons.

It’s that expansiveness that provides me with a feeling of completeness. Sure, I like watching a movie and being a couch lizard or indulgently wasting away a sunny afternoon with a glass of booze in my hands. And yeah I like going to the beach, walking in the rainforest and taking off my shoes on a dewy, sunny morning and feeling the grass between my toes. I love it all. What I can’t stand is boredom and the dust-covered stillness that comes with stagnation.

As a teenager I used to sing the old Bob Dylan song in my head ‘So how does it feel? Like a rollin’ stone’. That was me, the rollin’ stone. But then I married and had kids and got a few chocks (stops) around my feet. I wasn’t going anywhere and that was ok – the magical world of children opened up to me and I adored being with my three kids throughout their childhood. What a blast.

But then it was time, as they grew into teenagers who preferred peers to hanging out with mum, to get busy with my own stuff again. I started writing, and studying and kickstarting my career. It all worked really well, that is until now.

The other morning as I rushed the youngest to school, after leaving a load of dishes in the sink, and we were late and very naughty (I drove him right on up the school driveway which is PROHIBITED), I stopped as I pulled into the carpark at work. I stopped in my tracks – this rushing around was just not fun. Not even close.

So I slowed down and that night when I got home, I didn’t fire up my laptop, nor did I research for university studies. Actually, I didn’t even do the washing up. I watched a movie instead.

  1. Kim Testa says:

    Yes you should have watched a Movie! I hope you enjoyed it..

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