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I read an article from Publishers Weekly on the explosion of digital books recently. An unfortunate side affect of easy digital access to books has been the demise of the bookstore.

I’m disheartened that it may soon be a luxury to browse through the hardcovers, immersing yourself in another’s imagination, buy the book and take it home to read until late at night – with the bedcovers pulled up to keep out the cold and saying to yourself: ‘just one more page’.

For as long as I can remember, I have read books, and stacks of them. From the adventure series as a kid, through to contemplating Hemingway as a teenager. At uni with an English Lit major, I was in pure, sweet heaven and will never, never forget when I discovered the existentialism writers – to this day Camus and Sartre are my Gods.

I’ve read the wonderful rite of passage books – that show you that someone else is undertaking their journey, just like you are undertaking yours. I’ve read the bios of the wonderful, full lives of men and women who have changed the world, and I’ve read the spiritual, the paranormal and the esoteric.

Now, I particularly like the stories that are simply well written, and soft and gentle on the soul – but really I’m open to all books because they have never let me down throughout life. A good book has always been the best of friends and our relationship has remained joyful, giving and nurturing throughout the years of my life.

I hope that some of the bookstores remain, at least, to give us that relaxing and, at the same time, intense ‘browsing’ experience. I would hate to think that midnight reading of a hardcover book is a thing of the past. In my hometown our bookstore closed today. That is very sad and I hope another opens, because you will definitely find me in the aisles of that store, ‘browsing’. And my midnight light will always burn brightly for a good hardcover book.