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Seeing what’s around you

Posted: January 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

I read the other day a post on Facebook where a world famous violinist busked in a subway, incognito, on his multi million dollar violin. He played one of the most famous classical pieces for busy commuters but no-one stopped to listen – except children accompanied by busy parents.

A couple of commuters stopped momentarily but, late for work, they hurried on their way. The children wanted to stop, and did for as long as it took for their parents to drag them away. The violinist had recently come off a successful series of concerts where tickets cost $100 a seat. Funny, none of the commuters stopped despite the beautiful music in the subway but, most likely, some would have paid the money to see the world famous artist just night’s before.

In a busy workday, as we rush to and from our destinations, we miss so much of what is going on around us – in some cases right under our noses. Pretty soon, it’s one big grind where our focus is perhaps on the myriad of things that don’t matter. It’s not until we go on holidays and start to relax that we start to see what’s around us. The birdlife, the swirling current of an ocean pool, the grass under feet. And we start to listen to our inner voices.

How much do we sacrifice of quality living on a daily basis through our blindness? A lot.

But when we tune into our inner life, listen to our inner voice, we start to see what we are meant to see. Signs and guidance that makes what we are doing meaningful, and remind us who we really are, at our core.

Life was not meant to be lived without meaning, and we can only find that meaning that is the progress we so desparately desire on our journey through life, when we find the time to discover the calm space within that puts the life in LIFE.

Whether it’s experiencing the joy of nature, stopping to feel the breeze on your cheek, or really listening to what the people you love have to say, there’s a more meaningful existence waiting for you. You just have to start seeing what’s really around you. That’s where the riches – the gold amongst the rubble – can be found.