Instinctive confidence

Posted: November 20, 2012 in Uncategorized

Some months ago I wrote a blog about trust. I argued that instincts will mostly always let you know who you can trust and that it wasn’t wise to go through life looking out for that person or set of circumstances that set you up for a fall. Ummm.

That is still true enough but what I didn’t consider in that post was the role of instinct. Instinct is your inner voice, whether it’s a thought in the back of your mind or a feeling in your gut that warns you that things are not what they seem. But then there are the times when you don’t listen to that good sense, that you put your wants before that inner voice. That’s when you set up the conditions for a fall or disappointment. When you fail to listen to your instincts, you get to have that experience that you didn’t need to have. What a waste of your time, energy and emotion.

So why don’t we listen to instincts? They are there for a reason and our ancestors used them to stay alive in primitive times. Is it because we live in a ‘civilised’ world and we think we don’t need them? Perhaps the reason can be found in the confidence we have in ourselves.

Whenever we don’t listen to instinct, we are really doubting our ability to be right about something. Lack of confidence is a complex thing. It can come down to our conditioning as a child, even how much confidence our parents had in themselves. If they didn’t have that confidence then they are hardly going to be able to instill it in their child. Or it can be as a result of the hand we were dealt growing up – the experiences that eroded our self-esteem and belief in ourself.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. If you’re having a run of bad luck, don’t despair, start listening to your inner voice. Pay attention and stop putting yourself in those situations that you know ahead of time are not going to be in your best interests. Have a little faith in yourself and start acting like you believe it.



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