Congratulations to Mitsey the dog

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Everyone has a dog’s tale. My tale is at times traumatic but thankfully has a happy ending. It’s moral is not so hard to find – dogs really are your best friend; and we should never be complacent about their unconditional love, pure generosity and ability to bring happiness into our lives.

Most of all, dogs have an innate ability to empathise, sympathise and provide comfort to their owners. They simply are always there when needed. They are never shallow or fickle, do not withdraw their affection no matter what and always put you first, even before their own safety. That’s the definition of a very special best friend. But loving comes at a price. Dogs like people can get hurt or even worse still…

There are two little dogs that grace our household with their delightful presence, Mitsey and Fiona. They are inseparable and responsible for many of our daily laughs and precious moments. Fiona is a Shitzu cross, and our dear little Mitsey is a mini Fox Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier.

Terriers unfortunately go doggedly after anything that moves – rats and snakes. One day last week Mitsey went into battle with a tiger snake down by the river. She had followed my son onto the golf course near our home and while he was taking his shot on the 8th hole, somehow she disappeared, only to return vomiting and on the verge of collapse.

It’s the beginning of the snake season, here in Australia, and when the Spring comes, so do the snakes with a huge load of deadly venom, ready for their hunting and gathering season. Mitsey copped multiple bites and enormous amounts of venom. It nearly took her life.

A frantic dash to the vets and two vials of antivenene later, Mitsey’s life still hung in the balance. Her central nervous system was over-run with poison, so much so, she could no longer walk and her eyes had bulged to twice their normal size.

Over the next few days, she didn’t recover as expected. She could not blink or make her own tears and developed an ulcer in one eye. Her organs began to fail as the venom made it’s way slowly through her system. The only thing that kept her going was her big heart and fight to live. They told me later, the terrier in her meant she just didn’t give up.

One night when I rang to see how she was, the vet nurse asked me to make sure I looked after Mitsey when she came home because she ‘had a very soft spot in her heart for her’. She had prayed we would pay the the price of the two horrendously expensive vials of antivenene and despite being off duty had phoned four times during the most crucial day when Mitsey’s life hung in the balance.

I said we would have always done what it took to save Mitsey because she is priceless. We simply wouldn’t take a family holiday this year, but who really needs to book into a hotel and swan about a pool when the choice was so clear cut.

Mitsey is at home now, still weak, anorexic and taking constant nursing to get her back on her feet. But we are a happy family to have her back in the centre of our universe – our home. It is complete once more with our best of friends.

There is nothing like the power of families, and each and every member is special and makes up a wonderful and protective circle that provides strength in adversity, happiness and joy in abundance and the special moments that you remember throughout a lifetime.

We would not be without our best friend Mitsey. She has never been cross with me, never judgemental or critical, just full of joy to see me walk into the house of an evening. And little things tell a big story. Mitsey’s story will go on and I’m so glad it will because I know there are good times ahead because of her unconditional love and friendship.



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