Trust first, think later

Posted: September 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Experience shows us that it’s not always wise to trust at first impression. Or does it?

There’s an old saying that first impressions are always right, and if you think about it, there’s always an ever present gut feeling on most things that are important to us, and we generally act on our feelings even when logic is saying otherwise.

You meet someone and take an instant dislike to them, or you have a sense of ‘impending doom’ on a particular decision you’ve made. You question that decision and start to analyse – pretty soon you are changing course and thanking your lucky stars you pulled out of that one.

That ‘gut feeling’ is intuition, or even Extra Sensory Perception to some extent. It’s our inbuilt natural antenna that helps protect us and those close to us. Have you ever had a feeling a family member or child was in trouble – I know my mum would always ring when I was in trouble, always opening with the words: “You’ve been on my mind this weekend, is everything alright.”

I have those same ‘knowing’ feelings about my kids – it’s easy to spot when one of them is in trouble and even though they’ll never open up easily (teenagers generally don’t) I have enough of the ‘antenna’ type information to probe a bit to get to the problem. When the truth is on the table, it’s hard not to see it. That then opens the lines of communication towards a healthy dialogue.

But we live in a difficult world, you simply can’t trust everyone? Something I read tonight on Twitter made me stop and think about a thought that has been gnawing away for days. It came of course from one Tweeter, I unquestionably retweet, the Dalai Lama. He said: “A real sense of concern for others breeds trust, which in turn leads to friendship and a sense of security.”

Ah ha….he had given me the means to think further on whether we should trust first, think later. Here is what I thought.

– I should always use, and listen to, my intuition and trust my ‘gut feelings’

– I should not necessarily mistrust people based on past experiences of being let down

– It’s OK to be concerned about others and, generally, that will breed trust and a positive relationship

– My intuition should ensure that I don’t go getting too concerned about the wrong people.

So, based on that reasoning, it’s OK to trust first, and think later.



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